2019 – 2020

brix-logo BRIXIAPRESS, s.r.o., Vlkanová
Complex management in the preparation of an aluminum alloy foundry for final inspection and commissioning, technology assessment by an authorized person prior to commissioning.

The process lasted about 8 months and resulted in the successful acceptance of the company’s production facility with a production hall of approximately 20,000 m2.


logo-spengle SPENGLE Carbon, s.r.o., Vlkanová
Changing the purpose of using the production hall a
Comprehensive management in preparation of production and assembly hall for final inspection and commissioning, assessment of the technology by an authorized person before its commissioning.

The process took about 8 months and resulted in a successful approval of the company’s production plant with a production and assembly hall of approx. 1200 m2.


logo-air AIR SYSTEM s.r.o., Slatina nad Bebravou
Engineering activity for obtaining the decision on the location of the building and building permit.


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