Integration of the Slovak Republic into European Union originates the needs of approximation of the national legislative regulations, including those related to technologies. Dynamism, the modern technologies affects our lives, has not be seen before. It is result of globalization, mainly caused by acceleration and simplification of communication, based on the implementation of advanced information technologies, which make the new knowledge accessible in each sphere of human activity virtually „on-line“ .
Indeed, this tremendously increases the demand to certify the implemented technologies so, it will operate safe and reliable.

Project Development Slovakia, Ltd. Since a time of its establishment, has been occupied with technologies, not only those, that make buildings „Alive“ (e.g. MEP, HVAC, Sanitary, BMS… ), but also Production and Operation Technologies, featuring individual „CORE BUSINESS“ of any particular investor.

Consolidation of the production-technological park includes technology modification, development of technical and production documentation and creation of production and maintenance routines, which guaranties safety, high production reliability and effectiveness to fulfill of desired production plans.

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